What Is Hydroseeding

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Hydroseeding is a process of seeding where the seed and a mix of moisture retention polymers, fertilizer, tackifiers, as well as various other additives are mixed with a hydroseeding compost and water for creating a slurry that is sprayed onto the ground to build up vegetation as well as control erosion.

The active ingredients are mixed in a truck or a trailer-mounted container that contains the homogenous slurry that is sprayed over the prepared ground in a uniform layer.

What are the advantages of Hydroseeding?

HydroSeed has many advantages over the standard seeding approaches.

The benefits of HydroSeed are:

  • Quick to distribute over an area
  • Consistent growth
  • Reduced cost per area seeded area
  • Superior erosion control

If a reasonably large area is to be covered, hydroseeding can be completed in an extremely short time. It can be very reliable for sloping fields and grass to manage erosian and rapid planting. The expense of hydroseeding is typically lower than the price of turf laying, yet more expensive that direct grass seeding.

The results are commonly quick, with high germination rates resulting in grass development in about a week, without the need for any recurring maintenance until 3-4 weeks later.

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