Helping Wildlife in Your Garden


Our Gardens can become a haven for Wildlife, supporting species like Hedgehogs, Sparrows, Bees, and others, which are suffering and in decline.

We can take some simple steps to help Wildlife in the Garden:

Introduce some water to the garden, perhaps a pond, bird bath, or simply some shallow containers on the ground

Grow plants which are good for Bees and other pollinators

Feed the birds with a bird table and feeders


Put up a nest box or two (away from bird table and feeders)

Develop a wild corner letting the weeds grow and leaving some logs etc for shelterbuild a bug hotel

Create a wildflower border or meadow


Make a 5″/125mm square hole in the bottom of the fence so Hedgehogs can safely travel from garden to garden

Make an open compost area (perhaps using old pallets)

Put out a Hedgehog house and cover it, in a quiet sheltered spot for Winter hibernation and year-round shelter

Plant a hedge and other wildlife-friendly shrubs for cover, food, and natural nesting sites

Don’t use pesticides and slug pellets, be organic and work with nature

A wildlife-friendly garden will create a balanced ecosystem, without the need for pesticides and slug pellets. It is important to work with nature.

The Garden does not have to be ‘Wild’ but ‘Wildlife Friendly’

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