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Women work
hard, both in the home and outside, whether it’s the garden or at their job. We
don’t mind getting our hands dirty when the task calls for it, but it’s still
important that they look good when we’re done. That’s why it helps to wear
gloves when the tougher jobs are necessary. There are many great gardening
gloves that perform just fine for smaller tasks, like planting or weeding, but
for those larger ones, a good pair of work gloves is what you need – and,
preferably, one pair that can do both.

Dovetail Multi-Purpose Work Glove

I normally
prefer the feel of dirt and muck in my fingers when I’m in the garden. That
being said, it helps to wear gloves when pruning shrubs (especially roses),
handling possible irritants, or performing landscape work. Although I can
borrow my husband’s work gloves in a pinch, they’re usually way too bulky,
heavy and hot. It’s harder to get a good grasp on something. It feels like I’m
lifting weights every time I move my hands, and it’s equivalent to sticking
your hands in an oven after a while. In times like this, I’ve often wondered if
there’s a better option – work gloves for women that toil just as hard but
without the bulkiness or other issues.

Indeed, there is! The Dovetail Multi-Purpose Work Glove is exactly what we gals need, be it in the garden, in the home or on the job. They are perfectly designed to fit women so they’re not at all bulky. In fact, these gloves have high dexterity so you can easily grab onto things, including weeds. They’re even designed with touch screen sensitive index fingers so you can use the phone whenever necessary (like when the kids call or text you for nearly every little thing). I love that they’re lightweight too, but made with reinforced panels that still give them that extra “oomph.” Probably one of the best things about the gloves is the fact that they’re breathable…no more sweaty hands!

With these multi-purpose work gloves, I can use them
for routine garden maintenance where moderate hand protection in warranted as
well as for those bigger chores where tougher safety measures
should be taken. In fact, I recently used them while edging a new area with
landscape stones, which can tear your hands to pieces. These had also been
piled up next to the house and it’s not a good idea to pick them up without
gloves since black widows are common around here and love hiding in spots like
this. Not any glove will do, though. It has to be thick enough to guard against
bites or pricks. Trust me when I say you don’t want a bite from one of these
venomous spiders.

I also wore
my new gloves when clearing out an area of the landscape filled with poison ivy
– definitely don’t want to get covered in that itchy rash. And since the gloves
are washable, there’s no need in worrying about reusing them afterward. Good as
new for tackling more projects.

We ladies want to look nice but we also want to be comfortable at the same time. And, just as with our clothing, we appreciate work gloves that fit well and move with us too. Women work hard and deserve workwear that works just as hard. Dovetail has achieved that with work clothes and accessories aimed at women.

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