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The mower is a machine in the engine that is used to cut the grass in the garden and keep the lawn mowed. The environmental impact of gasoline-powered lawn mowers are discussion about this matter. Your pollutant balance is significantly worse than the modern car engines, in fact, a lawn mower with two-stroke engine encounters per liter of gasoline consumed as many pollutants as a car of the thirties.

The principle of operation is common to all machines, the motor shaft is screwed a rotating blade which is pivoted at the center, the ends of which, for a certain length are made ​​sharp, are the two zones at the periphery of the blade to cut the grass. The knife is shaped as the blades of a fan, during the rotation sucks the cut grass conveying it in a lot removable, to download when it is full.

They come in various sizes, the width of the cutting zone is proportional to the length of the rotary blade, this is based on the width of the machine; the choice of the cutting diameter and power, is made according to your needs, such as square meters to be cut, the terrain, etc. The maintenance required is to wash with water after mowing and occasional sharpening the edge of the blade, you must also make sure that any dirt has not been established in the vicinity of the wheels; these being fixed axle without special protection, dust and water can cause rust to start.

The engines used in lawn mowers are carburetor. The special lawnmower engines is having to be mounted with a blade to function properly, unlike motor cultivators and other single-cylinder four-stroke. The four-stroke mowers do not require complex maintenance. We must ensure the cleanliness of the air filter clogging because its reduced performance and greatly increases consumption. The carburetor can sometimes contain an impurity (water droplet, dust) which hinders the passage of the fuel. A non-scheduled engine operation is the sign. In this case, a simple drain the float chamber is sufficient to remedy the problem.

The mower two-stroke engine can be used on all types of terrain including on slopes of more than 20%. Only two time with direct injection engines are used in current production mowers. Cheaper, mechanically simple, lightweight, servicing of this type of engine is minimal (plug and air filter). However, it is more fuel efficient (composed of 97 to 98% of super and 2% to 3% special oil semi-synthetic 2-stroke). Fumes characteristics of this type of engine is now reduced due to the low percentage of oil mixed with the fuel, as well as catalyzed exhaust systems.

In the case of self-propelled mowers, if ejection is lateral, the collection is done by a tube, currently the most commonly hard. The disadvantage is that if the wind force is insufficient tube may clog. In the case of professional machines for very large area, an additional fan is Assistant to avoid this drawback. This type of discharge is often the only option for this type of mower. Another disadvantage is that the tube is increasing the purchase price.

Devices, usually in the form of levers, are now mandatory for modern mowers. These devices, depending on the type of mower, can either stop the engine or stop the blade and, if assisted by a mower wheel drive by the engine, stop its progress.

Lawn mowers working at the petrol pose risks to health, because of the highly concentrated noxious fumes that cause gas, which affects the respiratory and nervous system, and can cause cancer of the blood in case of ‘too prolonged exposure to benzene. These mowers are not equipped with catalyst, produce the same amount of benzene that 26 cars emit. In addition, inhaling oil fumes or absorb through the skin, can lead to severe poisoning. An alternative to conventional gasoline for these mowers is the alkylated gasoline. It can remove 95% of the harmful substances. This fuel is very pure: it is low in benzene, xylene, toluene and other hydrocarbons dangerous. Its combustion also produces some fine particles.

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