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This is a video I am making to help resolve any questions about my lawn care tip for using epsom salt. I have a crappy lawn and using Epsom Salt as a foliar spray has deffinately helped my lawn green up as well as take in the Nitrogen that Milorganite offers. Making my lawn thick and green and improving soil quality.
adding epsom salt to the lawn is easy to do by spreading by hand, but a great summer lawn tip is to mix it in a spray, I use a 3 gallon pump sprayer for the yard, This makes application of the epsom salt and water mixture much easier and treats the grass increasing the soil quality. this also helps the grass take in the nutrients much better and makes better chlorophyll production in the process.

I bought mine at Sam’s Club but this link has a better price per pound as you need quite a bit for the grass to be covered for treatment.

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Ph Testing Pen

Epsom Salt For Lawn

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Scotts patchmaster

Ortho weed b gon Chickweed clover Oxalis

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Greenworks 185mph 40V blower (Battery not included)

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