Flower Garden
Hey y’all so today is the highly requested flower bed makeover video for Less than $100 !

I could not wait to share this video with y’all because I seriously love the way it turned out. my husband busted his butt pulling this off for me in one day and im so grateful for what he did and does for me !
We completed this flower bed makeover on a $100 budget and it looks amazing.
please keeo in mind that some items I already had on hand but ill go ahead and break down the cost of the items we purchased.

Mulch $14 from walmart.
brick border (.50 each) $25 from lowes
dollar tree flower pots $7 from dollar tree
2 bags of soil $2 dollar tree
Flowers $25 at walmart
4 solar lights $4 from dollar tree
blue flower pot with faucet $2 from thrift store

Total out of pocket was $79 😊

So my husband did level the ground first and we used this black strip sheeting he had in shed to use as a weed blocker . We then moved this large bird bath and bench to the flower garden that was left here from previous owner. After laying out the mulch I repotted some clearance flowers from Wal-Mart And we made some diy shutters to give our trailer a little charm.
I will be making more shutters for the other windows and I promise ill do better at filming those.

btw I know our trailer needs new skirting and needs to be painted but we are working with what we got at the moment. I’m 100% happy and content where im at as long as I have my family ❤

Thank you for watching!

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kids .I make all different types of videos and I always keep it on the budget friendly side 🙂 I hope you subscribe and If you do please come say hello to me in the comments 🙂 thank you for watching and ill see you in my next video !

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Thank you for watching 👍

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