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In this video, i will show you everything that you need to grow your own autoflowers. There are a lot of different setups possible. You can grow in a small grow box that you have setup from some wooden planks or you can buy a big or small grow tent but you can also you an empty PC box to start a micro grow

Autoflowers are the easy choice to go with. They don’t need a special light cycle and most of the autoflowers stay small. But you can also depend on how big the plant grows by picking the right flowerpot.

I will show you all the stuff you need, First, i will show you my PC grow box and my setup and then I will show you all the products. From Soil to nutrients to e27 LED lights to reflective foil to carbon filters to wiring.

When you are growing a autoflower in a micro grow setup the temperature is also very important to get dens buds.

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