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Today I am bringing you guys a review of the Laser Edge lawn mower blades that we have been testing out since August of last summer. I’m pumped to bring you guys this one because I really think it’s going to help a lot of you guys out, especially those of you down south!

The folks at Fisher Barton and myself have been tag teaming back and forth to bring you guys one of their newest product lines called the Laser Edge lawn mower blades. This has an exclusive laser edge material on the backside which is designed to help prolong the blade life and provide a self sharpening lawn mower blade edge.

One thing I didn’t know when I first started talking to Fisher Barton, if I was totally honest, was the fact that there are different soil types out there in the country. Up here we deal with a lot of clay soil, but in some regions of the country they have super sandy conditions, which literally eat lawn mower blades alive.

Andy shows a few examples over lawn mower blades that have disintegrated over time due to the erosion or abrasiveness of that sand while mowing lawns. For all of you guys in GA, FL, and certain other parts of the country, you can totally relate.

From what I hear, some of you guys previously had to change lawn mower blades out once if not twice a day due to the sand and excessive wear that is caused by those conditions.

The guys at Fisher Barton are getting the word out about their new Laser Edge lawn mower blades, and have some great resources available for you guys to learn more. These blades do come at a premium, but they’re lasting multiple times longer than traditional blades, and have the benefit of not having to be sharpened every day, if at all.

Check them out at to learn more!

They have some great videos and resources available to you guys if you’re interested in learning more about their new Laser Edge blades.

Again, for those of us in the Midwest, we don’t think much about lawn mower blades, unless they get dull. This product may not exactly be for you guys. But those of you down south, these could be a real game changer!

Keep an eye on Jonathan with Florida Turf Pro’s and Johnny with Blades of Grass lawn care over the next 2 weeks on YouTube. Both of those guys will have some additional information and their feedback about how those blades worked, being in the exact conditions where these blades shine.

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