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11.4m x 6.4m front lawn mowed in under 7 minutes. First rough ‘subdue the growth’ mow for spring, and the first ‘active’ mowing session since tearing a calf muscle a few weeks ago.

The lawn is mostly flat but the second mowing strip is not – the start of the the swath is about 6 inches lower than the end, as the blade sits in a well from an unfinished path (you can hear the blade bottoming on gravel). There’s also a hollow close the camera that takes a few attempts to sink the belly into. Objects struck toward the end of the first run are the dog’s bones.

90cm Falci model 100 blade on a Canadian Mennonite snath. The tang on this blade is deliberately set very low to accommodate a more crouching, wide-reaching stance – which makes it look and feel more awkward in close-to-body mowing, so I’m hunched quite a lot in the places where I’m not ‘speed mowing’.

You may notice a lot of rust on the blade – it was left outside last season. Honed with an Arctic Fox whetstone as part of ongoing testing.

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